Services & Pricing

Personalized Mentoring!

$30 / half hour

At Study Buddies we want to create the absolute best learning environment possible. This is why we pair middle and high school students up with a college student/ tutor that will best fit their academic and personal needs!

When you let us pair you up, we look, not only at subject matter, but also at home state, hobbies and anything else that tutors and students might have in common!

Learning happens best when students are inspired to learn, not forced to. That is why our personalized tutoring sessions are so effective for students!

Advanced subject tutors!

$30-$50 / half hour

We also have upper level tutors who are capable of tutoring students in more difficult subjects such as high level math and science classes!

If you are looking for a tutor who has excelled in upper level classes through high school, you have come to the right place.

Advanced subjects include (but are not limited to):

  • Chemistry – Physics – Biology
  • Trigonometry – Advanced Algebra – Calculus
  • Advanced Writing
  • AP Science – AP Language – AP History

Group study sessions!

$25 / hour

Group study times are a great way for students to do their homework or study a specific subject in a group, interactive environment! Students of similar age a subject matter will be able to work with a tutor for an hour long session!

This can be for students who just need help focusing on their homework. Our tutors will make sure that students are focused on their homework and be available if there are any questions that come up!

Group study times can also be for students who already know each other from school and want to study and get extra help together outside of class! Sign up for a group study time or send us a message to get a study session that is specific to your needs!!