Group and Individual Online Tutoring

We are expert students for students!

What We Offer


Personalized Tutoring!

We have amazing, qualified tutors who are passionate about helping others learn! They can help students work through homework problems, study for tests, and even build personal study calendars and set academic goals!

Group Study Times!

Sign up to study with a group of students who are all a similar age and study the same subject! The study sessions also serve as “homework hours” where our tutor will make sure the students are doing their homework and will be available to help with questions!

Academic Mentoring!

Academic mentoring is a part of every personalized tutoring session. At Study Buddies, we offer the unique service of academic mentoring. We help students navigate their classes, plan for their homework and learn how to be good, organized studiers. Learn the tips and trick of academic success from one of our amazing tutors, because every student should learn how to be an expert studier!

Meet The Tutors

Each Study Buddy is a tutor, an academic mentor, a positive life role model and a friend!
All of our Study Buddies are enrolled in college which makes them expert students!
Who better to teach someone how to be an expert student than someone who is an expert student themself?

Why Study Buddies?

Background checked, qualified tutors!

All of our tutors are background checked and are current college students!

We do more than just homework help...

We help teach students how to be good studiers and how to manage all of their classes!

Providing a positive life role model!

Our tutors are strong positive influences inside and outside the classroom for students of all ages! Because we pair like students and tutors, they are able to form freindships. Our tutors are academic mentors who are passionate about the success of their students!


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